Sunday, December 13, 2009

We are SO BLESSED... and SO LUCKY!

This is a picture of the driver's side tires on our 28' enclosed car trailer. We packed up my Tahoe full of clothes and office stuff and Christmas presents and then drove it inside the trailer for our trip home. A couple of weeks ago we ordered new tires from the local Beatty Tire shop, but the wrong kind came in and they didn't reorder or something... ANYWAY... we made an appointment in Las Vegas to get four new tires at 4:00 p.m. Long story, short, we left late and then had to drive slower than we expected. It was amazingly windy and the trailer really seemed to be swaying easily. At one point I suggested stopping to check the tires, but Jeff pointed out that we were on a tight schedule. We continued on, calling the tire shop and they graciously agreed to take care of us as long as we arrived before 5:00 p.m. At 4:50 p.m. we go stuck in 0-5 mph traffic due to an accident on the 95, and called the shop to let them know they were off the hook... We then made the decision to stay at the Mirage since we were hungry and we knew they had good parking for the beast of a trailer. As we made our way through town, people starting honking at us and pointing toward the trailer... we knew something was up, but continued on to the Mirage, thankful that we knew how to get there. Little did we know how EXTREMELY fortunate we were...

After greeting the Mirage Security Guard with a smile of relief, we proceeded into the special over-sized lot to park. When Jeff got out to see what was up, this is what he saw....

We felt God's special protection... and we feel so lucky to be alive and well... we will NOT be leaving Las Vegas until we are able to get our four new trailer tires. YIKES! 'cause we'd probably still be out there! LOL! We figure the tire probably shredded 60 miles out of Vegas when I wanted to stop and check the tires... just as well we didn't We checked in to the Mirage, which was buzzing with Saturday night activity! We were given another room on the 24th floor... love it... and after settling into the room had dinner at their Buffett. YUM! After dinner we went to the Sports Book Bar (???) and watched the National Rodeo Finals on three HUGE big screens... there were cowboys everywhere! It was fun to be there for awhile with the crowds so enthralled with the rodeo. When we went back up to the room I was taking pictures of the Strip and got this one of me by accident... pretty cool, huh?
This morning it's beautiful outside... and we can see the dolphins from our room... almost like being in Mexico! (NOT)!!! I must get on with the project of finding tires... what an adventure!
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moving out for now...

We are packing up to go home for Christmas (via Las Vegas for tires; Camarillo for a service truck; and Fresno to find a spot to call "home" for the next job)! Jeff is at the yard taking care of stuff and I am getting ready to go crazy in the apartment packing our clothes and office paperwork. We're leaving the "bones" of the apartment for when we return in a month or so. I found another geode this morning... it's bigger, but not perfect, and the "stuff" is bubbling out of one end. It's almost yam shaped. I don't have time to post a picture of it today. I feel very emotional about leaving Beatty... there is something very nice about living here. It's so relaxing in so many ways! Hope you're all well... love you!

Monday, December 7, 2009

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