Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Richard!

Well, in case anyone has forgotten, Richard is now 50 years old! That doesn't seem possible... but it's true! So thankful he is healing and spending time with us. We promised NOT to surprise him with a party, so sorry to disappoint all of you! Today he and I are going to ride recumbant bicycles and swim. It is nice to have someone to go to the health club with! Once I got out of the almost daily habit of swimming the vicious cycle of exercise/life = pain came back with a vengance, so it is easy for me NOT to go to the club!

I am hosting a Baby Shower this Saturday for Xzercie's daughter, Nicolette. I think there will be 20 to 30 women here! It has been a great reason to clean and de-clutter. I do wish I was super woman and could keep up with the house better, but oh well!

I am enjoying reading everyone else's posts... sorry to be so lazy about mine! Happy 2011!