Friday, January 27, 2012

Drunk Ass in Mexico???

Made you look! We were on our way out to the beach in Pescadero, which is near Cerritos Beach and Todos Santos, when we saw a donkey or burro near the road. When it saw US, he bolted (and I really mean he bolted) across his pen right to our car. We stopped, and this donkey was seriously staring us down and obviously waiting for something. All we had was the last bit from a can of Pacifico Beer, so I offered it and he slurped it up! Wendy got this great picture... and you now know that what we really do on vacation is make drunk asses! (And no, I am not drunk, just playing around with hilarious wording). We are having a fantastic time and do NOT want to go home Sunday!


Richard said...

And you are setting an example for whom ???

Richard said...

Ps - awesome picture